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A residential complex of 86 apartments in Region 8 a few kilometers from the sea, opening the paths from the roots of the earth from the door of our temazcal that merges architecturally at the mouth of a water reservoir, source of life and energy represented by a masterpiece of Kukulkan in our main pool.









APRIL 05 2024


Where we will talk more about how your next investment with us in Hunab Ku Sanctuary, a complex with Condo Hotel amenities, can generate a 15% return on your investment.

Hunab ku sanctuary

What will we see in this webinar?

Delivery Time and Pricing

Explore details on estimated unit turnaround times and current real estate market prices in Hunab Ku Sanctuary.

Luxury Amenities

Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of the luxurious amenities offered by Hunab Ku Sanctuary, from the main pool to the temazcal and more.

Investment and Capital Gains

Discover why Hunab Ku Sanctuary is a unique investment opportunity, with data on projected profitability and capital gain growth potential.

Questions and Answers

Participate in an interactive question and answer session with our team of real estate experts, where we will answer all your questions about the project.






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